The Main Features of the Best Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

Microwave OvenA microwave oven is a common appliance found in many kitchens. Through advanced technology, this appliance continues to evolve from a simple unit to a powerful oven. Many brands today provide features that enhance the way you prepare your food.

There are many types of microwave oven on the market and one of them is over-the-range. It’s a space saver as it can be installed on top of a stovetop. You can also find an OTR model. That is, it functions as a microwave but it has a ventilation hood to save significant amount of space in your kitchen while it clears polluted air while you cook.


The most advanced microwave oven has sensors that can adjust the temperature to properly cook the food in a more efficient manner. You can also find an over-the-range microwave oven that can function as a convection oven. This means that you can use it for baking, roasting and broiling.

If you have children at home, it’s best to choose a model that has child-lock controls so your little kids can’t change the settings while it’s on.

Its vents

Not all microwave ovens work the same way. When it comes to over-the-range type, it’s best to go for a model that offers quality vent functions, a quality unit will have multiple fan speeds which automatically start when they detect too much heat inside.

Is design important?

Since this oven can take the center stage in your kitchen, you should consider getting a model that can go with your kitchen décor. There are units that have attractive designs with a variety of colors (multi-colored displays can be fascinating to look at). It’s also best if you consider getting a model that hides the vents. If they’re not hidden, look for a unit that makes vents look attractive.

Of course, you must choose a model that comes from a reputable manufacturer. In this way, you’ll be offered with solid warranties. Not only that. You’ll also experience excellent customer service.

Choosing an over-the-range microwave oven can save space when you install it in your kitchen. It isn’t as big as a traditional oven but it can take a job of two appliances, however make sure that you choose a model that includes features that you truly need for your cooking requirements. Don’t just choose unit because it’s the most popular one. Rather, opt for a model that offers the functionalities that can make food preparation and cooking a lot easier.

Are Latex Mattresses Still a Good Alternative?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, you consider all the possibilities of comfort you can get and make endless research to reach the bottom of Latex Mattressesthe matter and you are not to be blamed for that. It is a peaceful night’s sleep that is at stake after all. The material of the mattress is a very important factor to begin with. There are mattresses made from some traditional material like latex mattresses that are still widely sold in the market but according to this Foam Nights review memory foam has taken the market by fire.

In this article we look at latex mattresses to see if they’re still a good match against memory foam, but of course, we leave it to you to decide which one to choose for yourself.

Here are some benefits of using a latex mattress.


  • Healthiest of all as it is natural being made from the barks of rubber tree.
  • Extremely durable lasting a span of more than 15 years.
  • These are quite firm yet comfortable conforming to your body contour.
  • Although it generates more heat than a spring mattress, it generates far less than a memory foam mattress.
  • The “off gas” odor which is a common complaint for the memory foam variety is absent in latex mattresses.

However every good thing comes with a flaw of its own.


  • It is much more expensive than the memory foam or the spring mattress variety.
  • Sometimes for the sake of expense and carbon foot print reduction, synthetic latex is used by manufacturers which can be quite hazardous to the health.
  • Although quite popular, it is not often available in the market due to the issue of deforestation worldwide.

Garbage Disposals – An Indispensable Part of the Modern Kitchen

Waste King L-111 garbage disposer

There was once a time when manual garbage disposal was in vogue and automated garbage disposal systems were mainly used commercially. This scenario has changed drastically over the last decade. Latest garbage disposers are compact enough to be used inside regular kitchens and their efficiency has increased manifold.

Buying a garbage disposal is not very easy though. Not every model or technology will suit your needs. Continuous feed models are useful when the amount of garbage generated is quite large. For low to moderate amounts of garbage, batch feed models are better and they are considerably safer as well.

Disposers with multiple grinding stages will turn the garbage into fine paste thus reducing the chances of clogging. It is always better to go for models that require less maintenance over those that tend to get jammed often. Online reviews and comparison charts can be great sources of information while buying a garbage disposer.

Click here for a list of the best garbage disposals you can find online.

Are Faucets Really That Important?

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland

This is a question that must have bugged many people over the ages. After all, when we build a house and decorate it according to our tastes, faucets are usually considered more as items of necessity rather than items of luxury. Yes, faucets are items of necessity but that does not mean that they cannot have a touch of elegance about them.

As interior decoration evolved, so did the way of looking at kitchen and washroom faucets. Nowadays, most manufacturers try to introduce bold looks and styles in faucet design. A carefully chosen faucet can easily blend in with the aesthetics of the household without looking out of place.

Newer models combine technology and looks effortlessly especially if you consider the bold designs from Jaquar and Kohler. These faucets look less like contraptions built for water flow and more like objects of art. And the good news is that these attractive pieces of hardware do not cost an arm and a leg. So ago ahead and buy a stylish faucet that matches the style statement of your home perfectly.

Faucet Assistant made this useful selection for the best possible kitchen faucet of 2014

Get A Moisture Free Basement

Usually a basement is the moistest part of a home. This is purely scientific as cold moisture laden air tends to sink near the ground. But the moist environment of basement can be problematic as the dampness ruins walls, furniture, machinery and other objects of interest. A basement dehumidifier is the solution to this problem.

Basement dehumidifiers function in the same way as normal dehumidifiers but they have a larger and stronger capacity to soak moisture from air.
Most of the better basement dehumidifiers come with stronger motors and larger tanks sizes. Some of them extract moisture and discharge the water continuously. Some of them come with auto shut-off systems too. These machines shut down automatically when the water in the water tank reaches a certain level.

For operating in colder areas, manufacturers have also come up with auto defrost basement dehumidifiers. Since these are fully automated machines, buying from a reputed brand is suggested to ensure continuous operation even under heavy load. You can find tons of information and idea about basement dehumidifiers by visiting

Selecting A Soft Water Filtration System

Many people do not realize the importance of using soft water filtration systems to neutralize hard water. Harmful diseases and damages to the plumbing system can occur from regular exposure to hard water. But choosing a water softener is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider before buying one and here are a few of them.

Factors To Keep In Mind:

The system must be able to eliminate Calcium and Magnesium from the water effectively.

  • It should be able to get rid of lime-scaling.
  • It should be easy to install and maintain.
  • It should have a competitive price tag.
  • It should be capable of treating large amounts of water without much delay.

It makes sense to install a water softener in the house because of the numerous benefits coming out of it. There are many companies in the market that manufacture various water filtration systems using different technologies. For more information about the systems, you can visit Installing a soft water filtration system will definitely improve the quality of your life and eliminate a lot of hassles. Just keep the above factors in mind before taking out your wallet.

Air Beds – The Perfect Partner For A Camping Trip

Air beds and camping trips? Well, at the first look it seems that these two entities should not be together even in a single sentence let alone in real life. But the truth is something entirely different. Apart from adorning the bedroom and living room of your apartment, air beds have slowly made their way into the wilderness on the backs of ardent trekkers. The best air bed can even master a rocky terrain with ease and provide the trekker with a night of blissful sleep.

Top Rated Camping Air Beds

As per this camping air mattress review by SleepOnAir, the Aero Sport All Terrain queen sized bed seems to be a good bet due to the following reasons:

  • It is strong and rugged enough to withstand every terrain and weather.
  • It has wider seams to provide more comfort and also in built pillows.
  • The battery powered pump can inflate and deflate it within just one minute.
  • Can be tucked away and carried inside a bag when not in use.

 In short, it is a perfect sleeping solution and space saver during a trip to the jungle or a hike up the mountain. The Aero Sport is available in a reasonable price range. So if you are ready to give air beds a chance to serve you during those treks and hikes, you know what to do!

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